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FILPIN Retention Pin and FILPOST Pulpal Post - designed and engineered by FILHOL DENTAL, manufacturers of precision instruments for over 75 years.

The Filhol company, founded in 1923 by J.P. Filhol, was initially involved in the jewel-bearing industry. The skills of precision engineering and attention to detail allowed the business to expand to include production of fine-turned parts for the electrical, electronic, medical and dental industries.

Since 1980, Stuart Filhol has concentrated on the development and production of dental products. Filhol Dental was first to use pure (99.8%) titanium in the production of FILPIN retention pins and FILPOST, a root canal post that may be customized to fit the tooth. Based in Co. Cork, Ireland, Filhol Dental has received the ISO 9000 certification for its high standards of production.

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